Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

current obsession: you tube hair styling tutorials

i never was the one to spend hours on you tube… but from time to time i use it to get an inspiration for hair styling (already showed you the casual sock bun that i still do a lot: and right now i am really into it.

it all started when i read in a magazine how to make the fishtail braid, but the description and pictures where a bit confusing… so i entered it in you tube and taaadaaa a very simple tutorial came up:

i really prefer those kinds of tutorials that are simple and clean, like the ones from the beauty department:

and maybe i will also learn how to use the curling iron that i possess since 2 year, but never used, simply as i don’t know exactly how and burnt myself once…
but i really want to have those loose curls, and it looks so simple!

so if you have time, and if you are interested in some new and easy hair do’s – check it out! 
it’s really worth it :-D

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