Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

the good cause

yesterday i attended the special olympics in garmisch patenkirchen.
special olympics are the games for mentally disabled people.
i was a volunteer at the snowshoe-run.
me and my team we had a great time and some good fun in the snow!
it was – again – a very good experience!
i can only recommend the special olympics, if not as volunteer, you should go there as visitor!
the athletes have great spirits and the games have a fantastic and catching atmosphere!
it goes with the slogan: everyone is a winner!
for me it is very important to give something back and i am very proud that my company supports the special olympics!

Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Kicking of 2013…

Now that we made it through the first weeks of 2013, it turns out that my New Year’s resolution of taking it slow and relaxing a bit more is already fading…
The first half-year seems already quite busy with big birthday parties (bunch of my girls, including me will turn 30 this yearK), dancing classes, and fitness classes, business trips, outside meetings, bachelor parties and weddings…
So… let’s see how 2013 will turn out. I think personally it will be an exciting year!
I am all into finding and buying a new (bigger) place for us, so this is my big goal for 2013!!
Keep your fingers crossed that we find our dream house/ apartment!