Montag, 14. Juli 2014

i'm prada you're nada...

after what felt like an eternity of saving money for it - the day finally arrived and last friday i went to snatch the bag of my dreams!
(it was quite the task to find out the modell type and the color - so many shades of gray...)
but here it is - i proudly present: prada bn1713 in agrilla

Freitag, 7. März 2014

when at least expected...

i missed the cut out boot at zara... 
typically me: first i wasn't sure... then i wanted to wait until they were on sale - and then they were gone... 
and of course i got frustrated... 
yesterday i found a very good equivalent - totally unexpected and for a very good price!
(i didn't want to spend a fortune for such a trendy piece!)

here the comparission:
i am pretty pleased with the alternative!
(though the zara one's are still too perfect!)

Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

friends again...

for years i was a very good customer at hallhuber - with customer card and everything. i used to snatch super bargains in their sales all the time.
'cause if hallhuber says sale - they mean it big time! 
but within the last years our fashionable relationship seems to part...
until this f/w season - where i found some cute items, coats and boots. and yesterday i found the boots i was spying on all winter in sale!! 
unfortunately my size was sold out online... so i hit the stores.
good thing we have a few in munich... and in the 3rd  store (i know, i know - crazy me!) i found them in my size! super happy now!!

Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

2014 - resolution

actually i am not a friend of new year resolutions... 
but i recently read an article about detoxing your life. 
and that made me think to pay more attention to me and my health.

- eat clean: 
more veggies, less carbs and less sacking unhealthy suff late at night on the couch in front of the tv 
- drink less: 
- sleep more: 
go to bed earlier at least during the week!
- work out:
have been very lazy the last months...
- save money:
for nice vacation and not spend everything for clothes, bags, shoes, etc...

starting today... as i was slightly hung over yesterday (see point 2)