Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

owwwp: cool girls wear headphones!

as soon as i leave the house i put music on.
and i am not a big fan of the in-ears...
i used to have the skull candy headphones in bright pink, but lately the broke... 

now i am looking for new ones! 
i have to favorites, and i am quite undecided whicht one to pick...
cool (beats by dre) or stylish (frends) - and yes, this time a neutral color...  

Montag, 16. Dezember 2013


i really hate it when this happens!!!! 
for month i be checking out and watching this item.
and when i finally made my decision to order it - this happens:

now i am really frustrated!! 
and it's not the first time this happened to me... but somehow i will never learn it!

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

Montag, 25. November 2013

major crush: 'winter veil' beanie

i really like hats, beanies, earmuffs - all kinds of headpieces for winter!
my latest obsession is the winter veil beanie!!
seen on
(i totally adore this blonde beauty!!)
but only available at nordstrom... :-(
fortunately i found a really nice and simply diy on
now i only need the supplies and some sewing skills...

Freitag, 22. November 2013

these boots are made for walking...

to be honest, i spend 90% of my time running around in flats!
just because it's more comfy when you run from a to b - and munich is not very high heel friendly with all its cobblestone...
my favorites for the cold season are bikerboots, uggs, and hunter wellies in black!
here are some of my this seasons favs:

Freitag, 15. November 2013

h&m craziness

here we go again: yesterday, this year's h&m designer collection with isabel marant hit the shops and the craziness begun...
with color coded braclets you had the opportunity to shop the collection in store - every time slot was 15 minutes...!!
i wasn't that crazy to get up at 5 am or earlier...
so when i dropped by the shop around 9 am i received the gray braclet - which meant my shopping time slot was from 12.20 - 12.35 (it was the last time slot by the way!)
but that fitted my schedule quite perfectly as i had a hairdresser appointment that morning anyway!
i was only worried that when i am allowed to enter the restricted area at h&m nothing would be available anymore and not in my size...
and that was a fact! only very few items were still available and not all of the in my size... however, i got the white and the grey tank, the glitzy pants and some jewellery... 
same was for online shopping - the page totally broke down!!
but i finally managed to score the pumps... 
so all in all i am quite happy with my picks - i had a nice day and i am one experience richer :-)

however... i still hope i can score the boots... ;-)

Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

Montag, 11. November 2013

dear santa...

i know, i know... it's still a bit early, but i am already thinking about christmas gifts for my loved ones... 
7 weeks are still left, but time really flies... 
and whilst thinking about presents for friends and family i came up with my personal whish list for christmas!
i hope that i will find one or two of them under the christmas tree... :-)

Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

on wednesdays we wear pink!

i want to establish a little series named 'on wednesdays we wear pink'... 
just some pinkish inspired things... 

Dienstag, 5. November 2013

blog lovin...

i think these days blogs and bloggers are the most important fashion and trend indices!
i see it myself... the time i spend browsing though the internet to get inspired... i really is like an addiction.
and also fashionwise - have you ever noticed that items that appear several times on blogs tend to be sold out very soon?
just enter 'blogger' as search term on ebay and you get thousands of items...
and even in magazines... the trend pages are filled with bloggers  - not stars and starlets anymore...
actually i like this movement, as these trends are more realstic and the items bloggers are wearing are affordable (like from zara, michael kors, etc).

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Montag, 30. September 2013

do or don't... the 90ies...

after seeing this picure of the adorable harper seven i was that close to order a pair of dr. martens for me...

i need new boots for the coming f/w season anyhow - so why not jump on the bandwagon and induge some 90ies spirit...
back in the 90ies i once had boots - similar to the dr. martens (dockers - if i remember correctly) as i couldn't affort the originals with my pocket money...
but honestly... for me, the 90ies were a disaster - fashionwise...
i was wearing 'baby-spice-girl- inspired outfits (and hairstyles!!??)  *ugghhh*
so i haven't ordered yet... but i am still playing with this tought... of me wearing original dr. martens... :.)

Freitag, 20. September 2013

ebay – my personal experience…

currently i am selling some stuff on ebay (to reinvest the money in fancy & expensive designer bags :-)) but somehow i have the feeling that my ‘ebay-selling’ never runs smoothly…
as i am not a frequent ebayer i am very often lost due to my missing technical skills.
request: can i buy the dress of your auction directly for a certain price.
me: sure!
… and then i was quite lost… how to set this transaction up correctly?1
that i receive the money and that all tasks are presented accurate…
as said: that always happens…
anytime i try to sell stuff on ebay i am very euphoric, but then – always – things pop up and i am total frustrated and it really makes me total unsecure! i don’t know why?!
i am only relieved when i received the money, the buyer received the item and the reviews are done.
but until that – i am a bundle of nerves…
you don’t want to know what happened when i tried to sell my iphone on ebay.
i did sell it – sure, but that was as well connected with huge e-mailing and workload…

so far so good – one item sold (hopefully the execution will run smoothly… just received the mail that sth with paypal is not working *ugh*) and three more to go……..
i think i am just more a 'buyer' than a 'seller' ;-)

Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

i am officially hooked!!

ever since i bought my first expensive designer bag bag in June – i am absolutely addicted!!

back in june i spoiled myself with the michael kors jet set item chain tote in vanilla :-)

(which is not that expensive, but was a huge step for me!)
i had an eye on that bag for quite a while but never could make a decision about the color…
that is btw. my main issue with buying an expensive designer bag – i can never decide about the color!!
so… back in june i got slightly panicked that this bag will be sold out… so i ordered!!!
first i received the notification that it was sold out… and i thought: great – now that i made up my mind and finally ordered it is sold out.
i had no high hopes, but one week later a huge (really huge!?!) package was placed at my porch.
there it was… totally chic and clean, and i was immediately in love!
before i had the ‘the more the merrier’- attitude when it comes to handbags… so i have quite a collection of handbags in every color, every shape… mainly form h&m, zara, accessorize, etc.
but ever since the mk-experience i am no more interested in those bags (or to be more precise: to buy bags at h&m & co). i always think if i save that money, i can spend it for a designer bag ;-)
as you can see now i am hooked and addicted!

as mentioned i always have the color issue… the bag has to match the outfit… etc. and vanilla is not a color for the season ahead…

now I just ordered the stella mccartney 'falabella' in light grey… ooops…

and hot on my x-mas whishlist is the marc jacobs 'too hot to handle hobo' in black…

PS:  every time i run around with my mk bag – i notice a different behavior:
- on myself: i totally take care of the bag (e.g. i don’t put it on the ground)
- on others: when they give you an approving once over – i know it is mega-superficial, but somehow i receive a different perception… 

Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

want some...

recently i was about to clean out my closet and i found a few things that i haven't even worn once...
so i thought it's about time to get rid of them.
but as this stuff is still in very good condition (as said... somethings not even worn once!) & as this stuff is quite nice (designer collabroations with H&M) i will put them in ebay!
have a look if you like!

Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013


I am a very big fan of Tiffany’s – especially the Return to Tiffany collection I like very much.
It is perfect for everyday, and for me every-day-jewelry has to stay on all the time!
Once I take it off I usually forget to put it back on in the rush of the morning that I always tend to have…

Ever since my wedding band is gold i am looking for some delicate yellow gold jewelry!
And there Tiffany is a tad over pricey…

That’s when I found dogeared:
I already have 2 delicate necklaces, the whishbone and the karma necklace.
I am a strong believer in karma! As in what goes around comes around J
And I want more!!  
Currently on my whishlist are: 
- Some bracelets as the karma bracelet and the infinity bracelet
  (I like a good armparty!)
- The infinity necklace
- The ‘pearls of friendship’ for a bday gift!
- Pearls of love for me!
- Make a wish on irish linen bracelet

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

oily affair

checking out the drugstores lately for some new hair treatments, it seems that everything contains now oil...
assuming it all started with morocain oil... which is the best, obvi!
everytime i order at amazon i add this tiny little bottle to my cart!

but now a great variety of other products are now available...
of course, i tried some of them... ;-)
...i have to admit that i am a little addicted when it comes to new shampoos and conditioners... 
i always have to try it, and - of course - i buy the whole series... shampoo, conditioner, leave-in-conditioner, etc...

here is what i got from the oily treatments:

morocain oil - love it!! the best!! but a bit pricey and hard to get...
dove nourishing oil care: always love the 'dove-smell'!  
fructis oil repair 3: never was a fan of fructis, but the oil repair 3 convinced me! and i love the miraculous oil!

Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

the good cause

yesterday i attended the special olympics in garmisch patenkirchen.
special olympics are the games for mentally disabled people.
i was a volunteer at the snowshoe-run.
me and my team we had a great time and some good fun in the snow!
it was – again – a very good experience!
i can only recommend the special olympics, if not as volunteer, you should go there as visitor!
the athletes have great spirits and the games have a fantastic and catching atmosphere!
it goes with the slogan: everyone is a winner!
for me it is very important to give something back and i am very proud that my company supports the special olympics!

Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Kicking of 2013…

Now that we made it through the first weeks of 2013, it turns out that my New Year’s resolution of taking it slow and relaxing a bit more is already fading…
The first half-year seems already quite busy with big birthday parties (bunch of my girls, including me will turn 30 this yearK), dancing classes, and fitness classes, business trips, outside meetings, bachelor parties and weddings…
So… let’s see how 2013 will turn out. I think personally it will be an exciting year!
I am all into finding and buying a new (bigger) place for us, so this is my big goal for 2013!!
Keep your fingers crossed that we find our dream house/ apartment!