Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013


I am a very big fan of Tiffany’s – especially the Return to Tiffany collection I like very much.
It is perfect for everyday, and for me every-day-jewelry has to stay on all the time!
Once I take it off I usually forget to put it back on in the rush of the morning that I always tend to have…

Ever since my wedding band is gold i am looking for some delicate yellow gold jewelry!
And there Tiffany is a tad over pricey…

That’s when I found dogeared:
I already have 2 delicate necklaces, the whishbone and the karma necklace.
I am a strong believer in karma! As in what goes around comes around J
And I want more!!  
Currently on my whishlist are: 
- Some bracelets as the karma bracelet and the infinity bracelet
  (I like a good armparty!)
- The infinity necklace
- The ‘pearls of friendship’ for a bday gift!
- Pearls of love for me!
- Make a wish on irish linen bracelet

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