Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

i am officially hooked!!

ever since i bought my first expensive designer bag bag in June – i am absolutely addicted!!

back in june i spoiled myself with the michael kors jet set item chain tote in vanilla :-)

(which is not that expensive, but was a huge step for me!)
i had an eye on that bag for quite a while but never could make a decision about the color…
that is btw. my main issue with buying an expensive designer bag – i can never decide about the color!!
so… back in june i got slightly panicked that this bag will be sold out… so i ordered!!!
first i received the notification that it was sold out… and i thought: great – now that i made up my mind and finally ordered it is sold out.
i had no high hopes, but one week later a huge (really huge!?!) package was placed at my porch.
there it was… totally chic and clean, and i was immediately in love!
before i had the ‘the more the merrier’- attitude when it comes to handbags… so i have quite a collection of handbags in every color, every shape… mainly form h&m, zara, accessorize, etc.
but ever since the mk-experience i am no more interested in those bags (or to be more precise: to buy bags at h&m & co). i always think if i save that money, i can spend it for a designer bag ;-)
as you can see now i am hooked and addicted!

as mentioned i always have the color issue… the bag has to match the outfit… etc. and vanilla is not a color for the season ahead…

now I just ordered the stella mccartney 'falabella' in light grey… ooops…

and hot on my x-mas whishlist is the marc jacobs 'too hot to handle hobo' in black…

PS:  every time i run around with my mk bag – i notice a different behavior:
- on myself: i totally take care of the bag (e.g. i don’t put it on the ground)
- on others: when they give you an approving once over – i know it is mega-superficial, but somehow i receive a different perception… 

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