Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

fake it

one of the few beauty treatments that i undergo on a regular basis is lash extensions!
i tried it for the wedding as my natural lashes are only very short and nearly invisible when not wearing tons of mascara…
i have to admit that i was very skeptical when i entered the studio for the first time.
but what can I say – after 1,5 h and 35 euros i have beautiful, long and voluminous lashes!
i was so thrilled with the result that i keep indulging myself with this luxury.
it just looks so perfect and natural – without any mascara or eyeliner.
but see for yourself:


  1. Wow, that is stunning indeed. I thought about that earlier, because it isn't that expencive. But how long will it stay like that?

    1. it lasts about 4 weeks, the lashes fall out successively...