Dienstag, 18. September 2012

ago e rita

last Friday in italy we were partying up!
first we went to ago e rita!

i can only recommend this location to you when you are around! it is so great and actually very low key!
it is a very special concept that is absolutely brilliant:
no menu to choose from and dancing on the tables!
when you arrive (and you have to reserve a table!) you have already some wine, water and veggie sticks on the table!
after the healthy snack they serve you 2 different pastas and one risotto. If it is not enough you can always ask for a refill – but there is another course to come!
super delicious razor thin cut prosciutto and salami is provided on the tables.
coming with freshly baked bread and some spreads including – as we are in italy – nutella as kind of representing the desert.
of course the wine is also on refill ;-)
after you have eaten they serve some sorbet, espresso and yummy limoncello.
then the dancing starts!
they clear the table and you can feel free to dance on the benches, the tables or just on the floor!
it was soooo much fun! the wine, the food and the dancing!
earlier this year i had my bachelor party at the ago e rita and it was spectacular!

on our way home we stopped at the primo life club.
nice location with a very nice roof top - but the do not play my kind of music...

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